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THE GIRL PUZZLE – a story of Nellie Bly (Crooked Cat, 2019)

Her published story is well known. But did she tell the whole truth about her ten days in the madhouse?

3d girl puzzle coverDown to her last dime and offered the chance of a job of a lifetime at The New York World, twenty-three-year old Elizabeth Cochrane agrees to get herself admitted to Blackwell’s Island Lunatic Asylum and report on conditions from the inside. But what happened to her poor friend, Tilly Mayard? Was there more to her high praise of Dr Frank Ingram than everyone knew?

Thirty years later, Elizabeth, known as Nellie Bly, is no longer a celebrated trailblazer and the toast of Newspaper Row. Instead, she lives in a suite in the Hotel McAlpin, writes a column for The New York Journal and runs an informal adoption agency for the city’s orphans.

Beatrice Alexander is her secretary, fascinated by Miss Bly and her causes and crusades. Asked to type up a manuscript revisiting her employer’s experiences in the asylum in 1887, Beatrice believes she’s been given the key to understanding one of the most innovative and daring figures of the age.

rtnfrontcoverTHE ROAD TO NEWGATE, a story of love, lies and the pursuit of justice in 17th Century London (Crooked Cat, 2018)

Moved me greatly and brought tears to my eyes. Gripping, moving and brilliantly captures this tense and sometimes brutal episode in late seventeenth-century English history.” – Andrea Zuvich, author & historian.

“A real pleasure to read.” – Denis Bock, author of The Ash Garden & The Communist’s Daughter.

“Meticulously researched, vividly imagined, and deftly plotted. Rich, resonating and relevant.” – Catherine Hokin, author of Blood & Roses.

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CHARLATAN, a tale of poison, aphrodisiacs, lies and infidelity at the court of Louis XIV (Fireship, 2016)

“I enjoyed it enormously…you brought the Affair flooding back to me with added excellent detail. It really is a remarkable achievement.” – Anne Somerset, historian and author of The Affair of the Poisons.

“This book kept me reading into the night – luxury and squalor, royal scandal and sorcery… how could it not?” – Fay Weldon.