Untold stories…

THE GIRL PUZZLE – a story of Nellie Bly – Her published story is well known. But did she tell the whole truth about her ten days in the madhouse? (Crooked Cat/Darkstroke, 2019)

“Novelist Braithwaite (The Road to Newgate, 2018, etc.) delivers a well-researched and engrossing tale that focuses on female empowerment. It’s full of intriguing historical details about past medical practices and the abuses that wards of the state endured; it also features many real-life characters, including patients and doctors that Bly met in the asylum. Although readers know from the start that Bly escaped Blackwell’s Island, the descriptions of her harrowing experiences remain captivating.” Kirkus Reviews – Indie Pick for June/July 2019


“Grounded in historical research, brought to life by a novelist’s imagination, here is Nellie Bly in all her fascinating complexity: outspoken, courageous, kind, clever, sometimes headstrong, other times self-doubting. In The Girl Puzzle, Kate Braithwaite has created a character who is not easily forgotten.” — Matthew Goodman, bestselling author of Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World

“Everything a historical novel should be – illuminating, intriguing and intelligent. Kate Braithwaite has woven a fascinating and atmospheric story from what is known about the pioneering feminist journalist Nellie Bly (née Elizabeth Cochrane).  Braithwaite skillfully blends Bly’s early and later career to give a new insight into a remarkable and complex woman.” — Olga Wojtas, author of Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar

THE ROAD TO NEWGATE, a story of the Popish Plot love & lies in 17th century London. Nat Thompson is determined to prove that Titus Oates is a liar, but at what cost to his wife Anne, and their close friends, William Smith and Henry Broome?1573220839.png

Moved me greatly and brought tears to my eyes. Gripping, moving and brilliantly captures this tense and sometimes brutal episode in late seventeenth-century English history.” – Andrea Zuvich, author & historian.

“A real pleasure to read.” – Denis Bock, author of The Ash Garden & The Communist’s Daughter.

“Meticulously researched, vividly imagined, and deftly plotted. Rich, resonating and relevant.” – Catherine Hokin, author of Blood & Roses.

CHARLATAN, a tale of poison, aphrodisiacs, lies and infidelity at the court of Louis XIV (Fireship, 2016)


“I enjoyed it enormously…you brought the Affair flooding back to me with added excellent detail. It really is a remarkable achievement.” – Anne Somerset, historian and author of The Affair of the Poisons.

“This book kept me reading into the night – luxury and squalor, royal scandal and sorcery… how could it not?” – Fay Weldon.