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Historical Novel Society reviewer, Audrey Braver: Kate Braithwaite has written an intimate and intriguing view of one of the most famous courtesans in all France. She paints a sympathetic portrait of Mme de Montespan, whom history sometimes treats harshly. Her story provides intelligent insight into the glamour and treachery of the Sun King’s court. This novel is worth reading.

Louise and Anne at Being Anne: This is the perfect example of what historical fiction should be: enticing, exciting and leaving the reader wanting to explore the topic concerned further. I can’t wait to see what Kate Braithwaite writes next. Magnificent! (read interview & more…)

Adele at Kraftireader: A dark historical read full of secrets, greed, deceit, guilt, tragedy, witchcraft … (read more)

Emma at Words and Peace: VERDICT: Brilliant evocation of a scandal that shook the court of Louis XIV. With witchcraft, love, jealousy, the French royals made it just as exciting as the Tudors, and Kate Braithwaite makes you feel you were in their midst. A great new voice in historical fiction (read more…)

Aurora at Party Like 1660 – Titillating tidbits from the court of the Sun King: I had the extraordinary pleasure to read Kate Braithwaite’s novel Charlatan pre-release. Charlatan is a captivating tale set in 17th century France (read more…)

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Rowena Wiseman, author of The Replacement Wife: Braithwaite’s Charlatan is a delightfully raw read that gets under your skin. One of the King’s mistresses, Athenais, is aging and he’s preferring fresher flesh. She is desperate to win back the affections of her King, for the welfare of her many children. When she is introduced to the world of witchcraft, she thinks she’s dabbling with harmless love potions. But she finds herself at the centre of a scandal so dark it stands to jeopordise everything she has built with the King. The novel holds the reader captive from the very first page and Braithwaite is a master of language and suspense. Charlatan is a wonderful novel, full of mystery and intrigue, that takes the reader on a fascinating journey through black masses, politics, witchery and the downfalls of trying to capture someone’s heart forever.

Jo Barton at JaffaReadsToo: I was completely beguiled by the sights, sounds and scents of seventeenth century France, which captured the very essence of Louis XIV’s time at Versailles, and which filled my senses with a rich and vibrant awareness of history coming alive on the page. Best read with…A good French Claret and an earthy rabbit stew…(read more)

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