Once upon a time in a pub in Chelsea, some bloke asked me ‘what my talent was’ and I had no response. I think I was supposed to say that I could speak Mandarin or play the harp or that I made my own clothes out of used plastic bags, but the only thing that sprang to mind was that I read a lot.

Years on and the answer is pretty much the same. I love books, novels especially, and I also love writing and words in general – oh, and my kids and my mum and my dogs and my husband and the cat (although not necessarily in that order).IMG_0255

I grew up in Edinburgh and have lived in various parts of England, Canada and now Pennsylvania. We are so settled here right now, that I have recently put my books in alphabetical order – no small undertaking!

I’m the author of two fact-based historical crime novels set in 17th century Paris and London respectively: Charlatan (Fireship, 2016) and The Road to Newgate (Crooked Cat, 2018).

The Girl Puzzle, a novel of Nellie Bly, will be published by Crooked Cat in 2019.

I’m on twitter @KMBraithwaite and my email address is kate.braithwaite@gmail.com

(The lovely miniature books in the photo above were made by someone with no shortage of talents. My mum!)


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