Once upon a time in a pub in Chelsea, some bloke asked me ‘what my talent was’ and I had no response. I think I was supposed to say that I could speak Mandarin or play the harp or that I made my own clothes out of used plastic bags, but the only thing that sprang to mind was that I read a lot.

Years on and the answer is pretty much the same. I love books, novels especially, and I also love writing and words in general – oh, and my kids and my mum and my dogs and my husband and the cat (although not necessarily in that order).IMG_0255

I grew up in Edinburgh and have lived in various parts of England, Canada and now Pennsylvania. We are so settled here right now, that I have recently put my books in alphabetical order – no small undertaking!

I’m the author of three fact-based historical novels – so far! The first two are set in 17th century Paris and London respectively: Charlatan (Fireship, 2016) and The Road to Newgate (Crooked Cat, 2018). The Girl Puzzle, a novel of Nellie Bly, (Crooked Cat in 2019) takes place in late 19th and early 20th century New York City. It’s about to be made into an audio book.

I’m on twitter @KMBraithwaite and my email address is kate.braithwaite@gmail.com

(The lovely miniature books in the photo above were made by someone with no shortage of talents. My mum!)


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Kate – it’s some time since we last met in Edinburgh!

    I was pleased to note you on this year’s HNS US programme. Just wanted to congratulate you on getting involved in HNS 2023 committee. I thought about attending until I realised how hot it would be but hopefully 2025 location may be farther north. (Mass. would be ideal for catching up with family!). You’re in for a busy summer – running big conferences is a nerve-wracking business but fun and satisfying.

    I’m self-publishing second early 1800s industrial revolution novel ‘Repercussions’ on KDP in next couple of weeks. Life is full of ‘firsts’ and apprenticeships!

    Very best wishes – Joan S.


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