Once upon a time in a pub in Chelsea, some bloke asked me ‘what my talent was’ and I had no response. I think I was supposed to say that I could speak Mandarin or play the harp or that I made my own clothes out of used plastic bags, but the only thing that sprang to mind was that I read a lot.

Years on and the answer is pretty much the same. I love books, novels especially, and I also love writing and words in general – oh, and my kids and my mum and my dogs and my husband and the cat (although not necessarily in that order).IMG_7964

I grew up in Edinburgh and have lived in various parts of England, Canada and now Pennsylvania. In Canada I finally decided to act on my long held ambition to be a novelist and studied Creative Writing at the University of Toronto, winning two prizes. Since moving down the east coast to the Brandywine Valley I’ve been writing with some friends at Nine Mile Writers and working on my language blog, The Transatlantic Translator. I also review books and write articles for the Historical Novel Society, Bookbrowse and others.

My first novel, CHARLATAN, was long-listed for the Historical Novel Society & Mslexia New Novel Awards in 2015 published in 2016.

THE ROAD TO NEWGATE (17th Century again, but this time set in London) is coming out with Crooked Cat Books in July 2018. I can’t wait!!

I’m on twitter @KMBraithwaite and my email address is kate.braithwaite@gmail.com


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