Reading and writing

I have been busy the last few months reading and writing for the Historical Novel Society. My reading highlights include:


Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood. Beautifully written novel! Read my interview with Naomi here.


Z is for Zelda, A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (loved it!)


The Aviator’s Wife – the story of Anne Lindberg, wife of Charles


Mrs Poe – a story of Edgar Allan Poe, his wife and his lover


Freud’s Mistress – story of a possible love affair between the good doctor and his wife’s sister.



Above All Things by Tanis Rideout, a moving novel about George and Ruth Mallory.

I think I was expecting them all to be rather similar but I’m happy to say they were really diverse. Some of the women had really great stories to tell, and there was a lot more to them than just a fresh perspective through which to approach a famous subject. The article I wrote about them appeared in the Historical Novel Review, Issue __.


My next task is to read and write about the novel Sedition and its author Katharine Grant but I can’t get to that until I’ve finished The Kept by >>> which so far is a really powerful and eye opening tale. And I’m not reading it for any reason except that I want to 🙂


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